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International Mountain Leaders get to grip with group bow/drill - fire by friction!


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George is an IOL Approved Trainer and Assessor for this Award.


This 3 day Bushcraft course of practical skills and activities will also include the training syllabus for the Institute for Outdoor Learning Bushcraft Competency Certificate. This has been a very popular course in recent years.  Suitable as professional development for a wide range of outdoor practitioners, or simply for personal interest. This is a very practical course, focusing on the development of personal skills and best practice. Participants can choose to endorse the training, if they wish, by completing a one day assessment at a later date after a period of consolidation. The cost of an assessment is not included in the training cost.  The course will cover the IOL syllabus (below), plus additional areas: emergency survival procedure and ideas for Bushcraft games and activities.

FREE to course participants:

  • "MORA 511" carbon steel knife.

  • "LIGHT my FIRE" scout firesteel.

  • Tin and materials to make your own charred cloth tinder.

  • Materials for making a drawstring leather pouch, to carry your own flint and steel fire lighting kit.

  • Comprehensive course notes.

Course outline:

  • Bushcraft Tools (knife & saw) – design, selection, safe use, maintenance.
  • Tool use in cutting, splitting and carving – for making such things as wedges, feather sticks, pegs, safe pot hangers.
  • Bushcraft and the Law with special emphasis on “Knife Law”
  • Fire ignition sources – flint & steel with charred cloth, fire steels, matches, chemical, electrical, solar, compression, – advantages and disadvantages of different methods. 
  • Types of natural tinders – inner and outer bark, seed heads, fungi, dried grass, bracken, tree resin – how these are prepared for safe use and the environmental considerations connected to these types of tinders.
  • Types of man-made tinders – waxed paper, candle wax, gel, rubber, fire-lighters, hexamine blocks- how these are prepared for safe use and the environmental considerations connected to these types of tinders.
  • Fire - siting and the environmental considerations, construction and maintenance using a suitable fire lay, safe use and disposal.
  • Fire by friction using bow/drill set – knowledge of suitable woods and the component parts of the set, use of the set to produce fire and ignite kindling. Group bow drill.
  • Water – finding, collecting, filtering and purification- advantages/disadvantages of different methods.
  • Improvised Shelters – vital use in protection, siting and safe construction with regard to possible environmental damage, water proofing and disposal.
  • Basic Tree I.D - with reference to bow drill materials, burning qualities and other Bushcraft uses.
  • Natural Navigation.
  • Cordage making from natural materials.
  • Sustainable use of resources/ Leave No Trace
  • General Safety and Hygiene

Course feedback

"I found the course very informative and I now feel a lot more confident working with tools and fire. Thank you so much it has been really enjoyable.!"

"Excellent course. So much learning. Absorbing, fascinating, inspiring."

"An excellent and thorough course. Your knowledge and practical experience was shared with generosity and passion!"

"George has a wealth of knowledge and experience. It was a delight to learn and spend time with him."

"The content was varied, interesting and well delivered. The extent of George's knowledge and interest was very beneficial".

"An enjoyable, information packed course. Lots of great ideas and practical skill to take away and try out."

"Thoroughly informative and absorbing - loads of opportunity for practice and improvement. Excellent guidance."

"George is hugely experienced with a wide range of handy hints and tips. Very relaxed, but very professional. "


Next course dates:    


Payment of the full course fee is required on booking. There can be no refund of a course fee after booking or transferring to a course at a later date, so we recommend you consider taking out cancellation insurance. If Mountain & Bushcraft Ways cancels the course then a full refund will be given.





Come along and join us for two days of practical activities and personal development aimed at providing Forest School Leaders and other outdoor providers with basic Bushcraft skills and knowledge. Go away at the end of the course with a host of ideas and activities to incorporate into woodland sessions. Plus we will help you make a drawstring leather pouch to carry your own flint and steel fire lighting kit. The various parts for this we will provide you with for FREE!

Course will cover:

  • Games for introducing plant/tree identification and their Bushcraft uses.
  • Games and useful books for introducing a structure to a Bushcraft Day.
  • Safe tool use and how to maintain tools.
  • Fire lighting methods using sparks (by flint and steel, fire steel) electrical, solar and friction.
  • How to organise a team Fire-by-Friction set to achieve fire. Very useful when dealing with a younger age group.
  • Fire construction, maintenance with different fire lays and safe fire disposal.
  • Making char cloth
  • Brief look at the history of fire lighting.
  • Safe natural shelter construction.
  • Take part in the “Model Shelter Challenge”
  • Knots for use with tarps and for lashings.
  • Cordage preparation (depending on location/season).
  • How to construct 2-ply cordage and join in to extend cordage.
  • Bushcraft methods for water filtering and purification.
  • Crafts:  use of cordage to make leather bound note book and a bag to hold flint/steel kit; simple predator call device made from natural materials; Apache Throwing star for hunting game; feather stick for fire lighting and additional craft ideas.

Previous course participants said:

“ thank you both again for the Bushcraft course at the weekend. You shared your knowledge and skills so generously with us. I still cannot get over how much care, attention and time you so obviously put into the preparation. I have not only come away with a leather fire-making pouch, but a huge host of great ideas for games and activities I’ll use to develop my practise as a Forest School leader”

“ thank you both for a really fantastic weekend. I.am busy recreating all the exercises and activities to use with a Forest School group - we are then going to practise everything on unsuspecting kids at the camp this weekend. You are both so inspirational and patient. I think I went into overdrive at the end!"

Check the course directory for course dates or we can organise a date to suit an individual group (minimum of 4 - 6 participants required), either weekend or two week days .

A Range of Crafts.





by Michelle Paver

and supported by the




Next Course date:TBC


Course cost:

Our hunter-gatherer ancestors lived Bushcraft because they had a deep and thorough knowledge of the outdoors and in particular, their forest environment. This provided them with all the resources they needed to enable them survive successfully. Understanding the woodland is the key to understanding Mesolithic life. This workshop day will provide an introduction to an outdoor learning resource pack produced by Forestry Commission Scotland which imagines Mesolithic life in our forests and woodlands.

All course participants will be given a FREE copy of the book "Wolf Brother", the resource pack, plus accompanying posters and additional extension handouts.

The pack covers games, activities and projects wWOLFith suggestions for incorporating these ideas into outdoor learning experiences. Additionally the pack also includes extension ideas for further work in a classroom type environment. For a number of years George Yeomans of “Mountain & Bushcraft Ways” has been advocating the use of this series of books as a starting point for many Bushcraft activities with children and was therefore delighted with the effort that went into compiling this resource. He has gone on to expand aspects of the pack to enhance those Bushcraft elements that relate to many areas of the school curriculum and these will be fully explored during the workshop and offered to participants as additional information handouts.

The day will cover:

  • Introducing the resource pack and book.

  • Additional ideas for getting started.

  • Introducing Joseph Cornell’s “Flow Learning” through nature awareness games.

  • Shelter building mini and maxi – complete the shelter challenge!

  • Become familiar with the woodland supermarket – learn what could go in your basket!

  • Introducing basic tracking with pupils – leading to tracking like a wolf!

  • All things fiery – try using sparks to light a fire, leading to boiling water with hot rocks!

  • Some simple crafts to try out – natural cordage, rush lights and tree offerings!

For outdoor activity practitioners, forest school leaders, teachers and volunteers working with children and youngsters in outdoor settings, the activities within this pack provide a wealth of interest and could even be a starting point for an entire Mesolithic project!

The pack is targeted at Key Stage 2, but the activities are flexible and can easily be adjusted up or down for different age groups.

The workshop day will be active and hands-on, with practical activities and the development of personal skills.

As with all our courses we keep participant numbers low, to allow for a relaxed atmosphere and individual attention - so places will be limited!


"Excellent and inspiring course. Good balance of theory and practical"

"Great day. Useful, practical and well delivered. Will be able to use everything learnt"

"Content of the day excellent - well paced, but with plenty of time for questions."

"Lots of really good ideas. I especially liked the tracking games and cordage making"

Institute for Outdoor Learning - Bushcraft Special Interest Group 2 Day Workshop Event in April 2015 had an introductory hour and a half session to the Wolf Brother Day with the following feedback:

"Wolf Brother session was excellent and a great introduction"

"I learnt a lot of interesting new things that enabled me to see other applications of some of the workshops - for instance the Wolf Brother learning pack"

Particularly enjoyed Wolf Brother and making whistles"








George and Maggie were running games and activities at the “Living History Day” event in April. Using an array of crafts they also concentrated on the Bushcraft skills and knowledge used by our Stone Age ancestors through demonstrations and discussions with the visitors. Many folk enjoyed making the lime bark cordage bracelet, handling the artefacts from the past and trying on some of the period clothing!


Bushcraft Bears making their way to the Play Centre!


Once again during 2017 some of our courses will be delivered from the Woodland Play Centre, Crowcombe, Somerset. Louise Kennedy, founder of the Woodland Play Centre, is a highly qualified and experienced environmental playworker, course leader, and facilitator. Specialising in working in the outdoor environment with a variety of young age groups as well as delivering adult training. The Woodland Play Centre provides an informal education that is unique, special and playful in outdoor natural and wild spaces. We are delighted to have the opportunity to deliver courses there and look forward to spending time at her very special woodland site . If you live locally in the Taunton/ Minehead area visit Louise's site to see the exciting range of opportunities, special events, and regular group activities on offer for a wide age range. Go via our Links page to the Woodland Play Centre website.





There is a vast range of books available on all aspects of Bushcraft, woodland skills and related topics and when running courses I do get asked to recommend books that I have found to be really helpful.The list below are some I use regularly and have found to be informative, useful and often just a good read. THIS IS A PERSONAL SELECTION IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER AND THERE ARE MANY I HAVE YET TO DISCOVER AND ENJOY.

Food for Free  -  Richard Mabey

Wild Food  -  Roger Phillips

Finding Your Way Without a Map or Compass  -  Harold Gatty.

The Outdoor Survival Handbook   -  Ray Mears

Bushcraft    - Ray Mears

Bushcraft – Outdoor Skills and Wilderness Survival  -  Mors Kochanski

Collins Gem Guides

Collins Tree Guide -   Owen Johnson &  David More

Tree Wisdom          -   Jacqueline Memory Paterson

A Field Guide in Colour to Animal Tracks – Blitz editions

Collins Guide to Animal Tracks and Signs     –   Bang & Dahlstrom

Mammal Detective  -  Rob Strachan

Nature Detective  -  Hugh Falkus.

How to Identify Edible Mushrooms     –     Harding, Lyon & Tomblin

Mushroom and other fungi of Great Britain and Europe    -   Roger Phillips

Sharing Nature With Children – Joseph Cornell

The Global Forest - 40 Ways Trees Can Save Us - Diana Beresford-Kroeger