fitness & equipment

A reasonable level of fitness is obviously required for any active holiday. This is doubly so for tackling the Cuillin mountains which has the roughest and most demanding terrain in Britain.

If you are at all worried about your fitness or experience to tackle any of the courses, then feel free to contact George and he will be happy to discuss this with you.

For most day trips and courses, basic hill walking gear is required:

  • Boots with good ankle support.
  • Good waterproof/windproof jacket and trousers.
  • Warm clothing layers such as a good high wicking base layer next to the skin followed by mid layers of fleece or woolen sweaters.
  • Warm hat, gloves and scarf. Or if hot and sunny a sun hat and lotion!
  • A reasonable sized rucksack to carry your own food and drink for the day, spare clothing etc plus room for possible issued equipment such as helmet, harness, ropes.
    (Some 40litre rucksacks are available from George).
  • Plastic survival bag and whistle.
  • Small first aid kit with personal medication, plasters etc.
    (A larger group first aid kit is carried by George)
  • Camera/Binoculars (optional).
  • Map/compass (optional).
  • Midge repellent.

Where more specialised equipment is needed for scrambling or bushcraft/survival activities, this will be supplied or an additional equipment list issued . If you are in any doubt about equipment then again feel free to phone and discuss the matter.